DIRTT Flooring

What is DIRTT Flooring?

The DIRTT Floor is a low-profile floor. At just under 67mm high, it supports adaptable power and data infrastructures. In some cases, where ceiling conditions are limiting, a low-profile floor is the only choice.

  • Low-profile
  • Fast installation
  • Fewer master technicians on-site
  • Saves labour costs

Watch DIRTT flooring being installed.

The clever design of the DIRTT Floor components makes it straightforward to install. Once in place, the sub-trades simply open the pathways and lay down their cables, thereby lowering labour hours. This is compared to going up and down ladders and feeding wires into trays in the ceiling. No matter the brand of floor, the smartest approach is to fill it with modular power and data solutions. For technical info see the DIRTT Floors brochure. For ordering information please get in touch: .

DIRRT Environmental Solutions data centre access flooring

What Are the Benefits?

Pre-manufactured, pre-wired, pre-tested units are quickly installed and easily reconfigured by in-house teams, rather than the conventional method of building a cable infrastructure from scratch on-site, which is disposed of when changes are made.

By having modular power and data solutions within easy reach in the floor, electrical and data contractors do not need the same number of master technicians on-site. Those who are there are working in a clean open space without obstruction. When other trades arrive on-site for their part of the scope, they will not touch their newly installed cables and wires. the infrastructure is safe under the floor.

Ultimately, instead of paying for more labour hours you are paying for a higher quality asset that has strategic and ongoing benefits for your business. The DIRRT Floor is sturdy, quiet and easy to install and access. Its low-profile means you will not noticeably lose ceiling height, yet you will have a 21st century techology infrastructure at your feet and ready to adapt to any of your needs.