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Bespoke Ergonomic Products

As well as our standard product range, we offer bespoke design solutions. At Adapt we have a skilled in-house design team and offer technical support, and an excellent after-sales support team, all of whom are available to talk to you about your requirements and any queries you may have.

We also value the strong relationships we maintain with local suppliers, as well as our worldwide manufacturing capabilities. We utilise all of these assets as a means of offering a high quality service and end product, with unparalled support throughout. If you have an inquiry about a bespoke design please get in touch: .

Below are examples of a few of the bespoke designs we have created:

SpaceArm with Integrated Thin Client Holder

The thin client holder was designed to integrate with our existing SpaceArm monitor support.

Securing the thin client to the back of the monitor frees-up work space, as well as allowing all necessary cables to be managed together discretely.

By being subtly stored above the desk the thin client is also extremely quick and easy to access.


SpaceArm monitor support with integrated thin client holder

Height Adjustable System

A system was designed that allowed height adjustment, while accomodating all crucial aspects of a modern workspace.

The system integrates a comprehensive range of tools, including heavy duty cable management, desktop power, lighting and monitor support.


SpaceArm monitor support with integrated thin client holder

Secure CPU Holder

The secure CPU holder is a combination of steel and acrylic, giving both security and the opportunity to create a unique aesthetic.

With a steel outer casing and bolted rear, the CPU is secure once mounted to the desk.

Unlimited colour options are possible, allowing the CPU holder to complement your branding or office aesthetic.

Secure CPU holder bespoke design

Gantry System

The gantry system utilises our Trader Beam system rail to support six monitors on each workstation. SpaceArms have been used to provide flexible support for the monitors, allowing all users to adjust each of their six monitors to fit their individual requirements.

The gantry system is supported by a series of verticals, giving a higher level of stability and support than mounting the system to the desk frame alone.

Secure CPU holder bespoke design

Laptop Drawer

We have developed a range of bespoke laptop drawers, including beam-mounted and hard-fixed designs to suit specific desk ranges.

Some of our laptop drawers have been made to suit desk ranges from companies such as Bene, Steelcase and K&N.

beam mounted and hard-fixed laptop drawers for under desk

Telephone Tray

Designed to fit onto a Stubby arm on a double SpaceArm, the Telephone Tray frees up valuable workspace, while allowing the user to adjust the position to suit their preference.

The tray features a cut-out to allow cables to exit from the back and utilise the SpaceArm integrated cable management.

beam mounted and hard-fixed laptop drawers for under desk