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Ergo Squad

Ergo Squad, the sole agents for Adapt products in the UK, are workplace consultants and solution providers, offering a wide range of services including Comfort Zone software.

Ergo Squad's mission statement is to help employers identify and correct the factors which impede worker performance and put them at risk of job related ailments and injuries, while minimising environmental impact. Achieving this will result in:
  • Substantial and sustainable cost reductions
  • Better employee retention
  • Increased employee value 
  • Increased job security
  • Minimised environmental impact

For further information please visit the Ergo Squad website.


Ergo Squad & The Fraunhofer Institute

Ergo Squad are now proud to be research partners of the Fraunofer Institute.


Ergonomic Consulting

ergonomic consulting
Evaluation Software

ergonomic equipemtn assessment dse comfort zone
Quality Hardware

ergonomic equipemtn assessment dse comfort zone