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Flip-IT Desktop Power

Key Benefits

  • Manufactured from a combination of die cast and extruded aluminium sections to form a slim and low profile lid and frame.
  • The lid has been designed with a hold open and hold closed feature for ease of use.
  • Flip-IT comes with the choice of brush strip or soft plastic extruded edging. This allows the lid to be closed whilst cables are exiting the unit.
  • The cut-back sides on the lid prevent cables being trapped when shutting the lid.
  • Flip-IT is fitted with integral clamps around the frame to mount through worktops up to 42mm thick.
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials.

Technical Overview

  • Standard colours are silver, black and white. Special colours are available to order.
  • Available in standard 299mm and 399mm lengths. Special lengths are available to order.
  • Mounting: threaded rod and plastic foot
  • Construction:
    • Body: extruded aluminium
    • Ends: die cast aluminium
    • Lid ends: ABS
    • Sealing strip: extruded polyurethane
    • Brush strip: polyamide 6
    • Mounting brackets: threaded steel bar
    • Mounting feet: moulded Nylon
  • Finish & Colour: powder coated, silver, black or white
  • Packaging: individually boxed

For further information on Flip-IT please see the following documentation:

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