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Sit-stand keyboard platform with 210mm height range
Keyboar platform range
Keyboard platform with keyboard and mouse
Keyboard Platform with SS SpaceArm for sit-stand workstation

Keyboard Platform

Key Benefits

  • The Keyboard Platform allows a keyboard on a basic work station to be converted to a sit-stand product in a cost-effective manner.
  • Available in 3 lengths to suit a range of requirements: 686mm (27 inch), 610mm (24 inch) and 533mm (21 inch).
  • The design incorporates a soft wrist support to enhance user comfort.
  • The clean and slim aesthetic helps the Keyboard Platform to blend with the majority of furniture ranges.

Technical Overview

  • The Keyboard Platform is supplied in black as standard.
  • Construction:
    • Base: stainless steel
    • Legs: stainless steel rod
    • Platform: phenolic with vinyl wrist rest
  • Finish & Colour:
    • Base & legs: stainless steel
    • Platform: black
  • Packaging: individually boxed

For further information on the Keyboard Platform please see the following documentation:

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