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Set Up Your Workspace Ergonomically

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What to Do:

  • Lift your computer off of the floor with a CPU holder to provide easy access and protect it from dust and damage.
  • Use a monitor support arm to allow full adjustment of the monitor, which should be set so that the top of the monitor is level with your eyeline.
  • Keep your working area well luminated with high quality LED lighting.
  • Free up your valuable workspace with organisational tools, such as pencil pots and paper trays.
  • Use cable management solutions to organise and protect cables from desk to floor.
  • Use a system rail/ tool rail to provide a fully adjustable workspace and mount all your office products from it to free-up maximum desktop space.
  • Use height-adjustable desking to create the optimum working space.
poor ergonomic desk set up Static Monitor Support Monitors on the floor Loose stationery Loose stationery Loose stationery Loose cables

What NOT to Do:

  • Store your computer on the floor, leaving it vulnerable to dust and damage.
  • Leave the monitor on a static stand and at a standard height, increasing the chances of neck and back ache and eye strain.
  • Put up with working in poor lighting, which may lead to eye strain.
  • Take up your workspace with files and stationery that could be stored out of the way, potentially reducing your productivity.
  • Leave cables to hang freely down from the back of the desk, increasing the risk of accidents or damage.
  • Use a static, non-adjustable desk produced in a standard height, which may lead to back ache.