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Key Benefits

  • Gas-lift system allows the SpaceArm to upgrade a single arm to a double arm, triple arm, quad arm or even double quad arm from a single column.
  • Quick change vesa option makes swapping monitors quick and easy. To see how the Quick Change works watch the 'SpaceArm Quick Change' video above.
  • Numerous mounting options are available, allowing SpaceArm to be mounted to virtually any horizontal or vertical surface, including most office furniture panel systems. If you require a mount suitable for sliding desktops see this video.
  • A vast range of configurations possible.
  • Mounts (from left to right in 3rd image):
    • SPSBT: Low profile under desk allows for sliding desktops.
    • Large C-Clamp: Wider base above desk gives improved balance for heavy duty setups.
    • CW2-Clamp: Uses the same parts as the C-Clamp, but comes with the lower bracket reversed for mounting on thicker desktops (15mm to 92mm thick.)
    • C-Clamp: Clamps on without the need to remove or screw through the desktop, allowing quick mounting. Suitable for desktops up to 69mm thick.
    • Grommet: Provides hole for cable management (hole must be cut out from desk).
    • Bolt Through: Secure and subtle, the Bolt Through is fixed through the desktop.
    • Vertical Mount (4th image): For mounting to slat walls, helping to free-up work space and increase flexibility. See our own range of system rails that the SpaceArm can mount to.
  • Using wide monitors? We have plates that fit between the Vesa and the monitor that provide additional sideways adjustment.

Technical Overview

  • 1 - 8 monitors on single column.
  • High pressure die-cast aluminium construction.
  • Conforms to VESA 75mm and 100mm mounting patterns.
  • Maximum vertical extension: 470mm.
  • Maximum horizontal extension: 520mm.
  • Adjustment: tighten or loosen to suit your monitor weight with the allen key we provide. Turn the allen key in the hex socket screw in the top of the gas-lift arm base, while the gas-lift part of the arm is horizontal. Turn the allen key clockwise for lighter monitors and counterclockwise for heavier monitors.
  • Arm rotation: 360 degrees.
  • Extension arm rotation: 360 degrees.
  • Bracket arm rotation, with monitor: 230 degrees.
  • Monitor swivel: 360 degrees.
  • Monitor tilt: 40 degrees.
  • Folded depth: 67mm.
  • Counterbalance: adjustable for 3.5kg - 9kg monitors as standard. A lightweight (1kg - 4.5kg) and heavy duty (7kg - 14kg) monitor arm option are also available.
  • Arm height can be locked using the optional Set Screw/Pin.
  • Thermo-fused polyester finish available in metallic silver, black or white.

For further information on the SpaceArm system please see the following documentation:

SpaceArm Guide
SpaceArm Mounting Options
Monitor Supports
Adapt Catalogue

Relevant patents issued:

7891613 - Integrated cable management design.
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